Bikeway conceptual map
The Bikeway will extend from Clarksville to Elkrdige and Laurel to Ellicott City.

We want Howard County to be a place where people can easily and safely bike or walk where they need to go. This will positively impact our community’s health, economic vibrancy and environment.

The Bikeway is a proposed network of safe, accessible bicycle routes that extends from Clarksville to Elkridge and Laurel to Ellicott City. The Bikeway includes 10 percent of county’s Bicycle Master Plan.

More than half of county residents, schools and parks ‒ as well as MARC stations and park and rides ‒ are within one mile of these routes.  It is a core network that we can build off in the future to bring safer bicycling to every neighborhood.

The Bikeway has strong support.
Supporters include business, health, environment and transportation leaders such as Howard County General Hospital, the Chamber of Commerce and Columbia Association.  Two thousand residents have called for the Bikeway.

However, the Bikeway is underfunded.
We are advocating for $3 million in the next county budget to get the Bikeway rolling. It will take $3 million for each of three years to build out the network’s 31.6 new miles. Unfortunately, the county funded just a little over $2 million in the past three years combined. The Bike Master Plan will take decades longer than promised.

Howard County is falling behind.
Other communities are putting far more funds into bike routes and seeing the benefits. Over the past two years, Anne Arundel has spent an average of $9.86 of county funds per person on biking each year.  Montgomery County has spent $26.69 per person.  Howard County has spent $3.20 per person.

Voice your support.
We need $3 million for the Bikeway in next year’s budget to make it a reality. Join 2,000 people, and tell the County Executive and County Council to increase funding for the Bikeway now.

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